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    Can't Edit/Fill out pdf form in acrobat;  PLEASE HELP, Urgent!


      Hello to whoever hopefully reads this and helps me.  I'm not an acrobat user, so I'm a noob and rather unfamiliar.  I'm trying to fill out a very important job app and am unable to do so.  I've become very frustrated.


      I own Reader, but found out I can't edit the doc in that.  So I downloaded the Acrobat Pro trial version.  I'm still unable to edit the doc.  Here are some clues:


      1.  The regular icon doesn't turn into the "I beam" when I drag it over fields that I need to fill in.


      2.  When I go to properties, security, security method is set to none, and document restrictions are all set to "allowed."


      3.  Lastly, there's this little blue circle with an "I' in it at the top of the doc.  It reads:  "The files you have opened complies with pdf/a standard and has been opened read only to prevent modification."


      Someone, anyone PLEASE HELP!  Thanks a million.  I need this job!