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    Basic Selection Questions

    mediafred Level 1

      In CS5:


      1.) I make  selection on my image with the lasso or rectangular marquee tool and than I move the pointer into the selection to move it, and it changes to the scissors, though when I try to move it, the selection disappears and I get a small circle with a line through it. How do I move it?


      2.) I have a few separate bitmaps on my file and I use the Magic Wand to click on parts of one of them though nothing happens. How do I make a selection with the Wand?



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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          1) Sounds like you are making a selection on top of a vector object or in an empty layer or text object. The selection tools only work wiht bitmap objects.


          2) Make sure the object is active in the Layers panel. Again, sounds like you're trying to select within an empty layer.


          If you're sure this is not the case, I recommend sharing the FIreworks PNG file for us to look at.