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    How to make a Flex project "Available".


      In my Eclipse environment, i am running a Tomcat 6 webserver, and i have several of our company's projects that i am unit-testing it deployed on it with no problems.  As i am coding, i am WANTING to create multiple little mini-projects where i test functionality of little controls that i am writing etc.  The problem is that when i create these little projects (they clean/build with no errors and this is all in the same workspace) and i go to my server to "Add and Remove Projects", my little micro-projects do not appear in the "Available Projects" list to add to the server.  The end result being that i cannot add my micro-projects to my Tomcat server in my sandbox so i can test them.


      My question is:

      What is it that controls whether or not a project is "Available" to be published to a server internal to Eclipse?

      I don't recall doing anything "special" to make my existing projects "available", but maybe i am forgetting something.......