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    Custom validate and then update another field in Acrobat 5


      I'm using Acrobat 5 (all I have access to) to make a form.


      I have a column of indicated values and a column of judgements. If the indicated value is not within tolerance, the judgement must be set to FAIL, otherwise it is set to PASS.


      There are four pages and the fields are named IV[Page][Field], and J[Page][Field] (i.e. IV201, J313).


      The problem I'm having is in getting the script to work.



      var f = this.getField("IV201");

      var g = this.getField("J201");

      if (f.value < 79.205 || f.value > 80.805)


           g.value = "FAIL";




           g.value = "PASS";



      The only time the judgment field changes to PASS is when the indicated value is greater than and NOT equal to 80.805. Within the tolerances sets to FAIL. Below the low tolerance sets to FAIL. I've tried different combinations of if... else if... else and nothing is working.






      P.s. if anyone knows a fast way to apply this check to about a hundred fields I greatly appreciate help there also.


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