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    Strange Behavior embedding fonts in a theme


      I have ran into a very strange issue and I am hoping that someone has had the same experience in the past.   Below are the particulars.


      1)  We have a multi-swc project that includes a theme swc that is compiled into the main applications. 

      2)  Previously the embedded fonts were in one of the projects and recently moved to the theme project that only includes Styles and assets like the fonts.

      3)  When compiling on our local machine though both maven and through the IDE all works fine.   We see the embedded fonts.


      Now here is the strange part.


      When we build on our build machine that uses the same maven process,   the embedded fonts appear to be a different font.  Using a decompiler I have confirmed indeed the fonts are different and then appear to look more like ariel than verdana.


      So is anyone aware of anything that could possible cause this.      Is there something different that I have to do because they are in a Theme swc instead of being in a SWC with code that is included in the build.


      Any pointers would be most welcome or possible things to try.

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          WeeJavaDude Level 1

          Another piece of information.   The build that is failing is run on a Linux box.

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            Flex harUI Adobe Employee

            Is the font identifying itself by a different name or does it just look like

            a different font?  Are you using the same font file on the platform that


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              WeeJavaDude Level 1

              The font shows up as the same name, but the font is not the same font.    It appears to be either Arial or Helvetica.   I have attached two images that show the different fonts.   Both have the font VerdanaEmbed with the first on beoing the bad and the 2nd the good.    You can tell the difference by looking at the "7".     I have confirmed on the build machine that the Theme swc has the fonts and they are intact.   When I use maven and build locally the result is correct fonts but when I build on our Linux build they fonts are not correct.     They were correct a week ago when we had them in a SWC that was not a theme, but when I moved them over to the theme I got the result below.  I have checked th build and from what I can tell the compiler options are all the same. 


              Not sure if this is related, but the one strange thing that I did see was that the fonts.ser on the build machine seemed to show windows paths in it even thought it was building on linux.    Hopefully there is a enough info here that you might provide some insight. It definitely is a strange one.



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                Flex harUI Adobe Employee

                Build issues are not my main area.


                In general, if the same asset is in multiple swcs, the compiler will choose

                the one with the most recent compile date of the swc.  Maybe there is a



                You can use SWFDump to dump out the SWF in a SWC (SWCs are just ZIP files)

                and see if the right font data is in the SWC and then see if it in the SWF.