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    Clicking from Icon


      So I have my AIR desktop application created (check), the application downloads/installs perfect (check), the application works wonderful (check).  However, a right click on the icon doesn't open up any of the application menu options.  The smaller icon in the sys tray, when right clicked, opens up the menu options.  How do I make sure this works the same in the bigger application icon?  Is this even possible?

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          workface Level 1

          I'm still looking for any input here.  Thanks.

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            commadelimited Level 2

            Sorry, but this isn't possible. The menu option in the system tray is a convention operating systems use. There's nothing consistent for desktop icons.

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              workface Level 1

              Andy, first I'd like to thank you for responding. Very helpful to get feedback on this issue.  Next, I'd like to ask you for any parting wisdom on my course of action (what steps you would take).  Our air application is very robust.  Like other applications for desktop that get right-clicked on a PC desktop, I'd like to provide options to the users of our application.  If it's not possible to put these options in the desktop application similar to other software programs, do you recommend that I put the options into the open-state of the application?


              E.g. We have logs of activities in the app.  One can right-click on the sys tray icon and get to the logs.  However, most users don't access the application from the sys tray, but rather the larger desktop icon.  I could put the logs as an option in the open-state of the application, but I was hopeful I could give users desktop icon access to the logs without actually having to open the application.


              Thanks again Andy!

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                commadelimited Level 2

                I think we might be talking about two different things. I answered your question as if you were asking if users could right click on their desktop to control your app. Are you actually asking if your AIR app can have a right click menu at all?

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                  workface Level 1

                  Andy, yes, I believe we're talking about two different things.  I appreciate your patience and willingness to help.  I've set up a page that will hopefully show you what we're trying to get accomplished. http://workfaceinc.com/airappss  I welcome your suggestions. Thanks again.