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    Urgent: Flash design in published html and swf damaged after few more steps


      hi everyone, i really need your help and really appreciate your quick reply! my flash design crashes! i published everytime i finished few steps. first few publications in html/ swf were okay, but after a few new steps the things all went wrong: the button went missing, the whole did not stop at frame1 as in my action script, some of the images went missing... i then deleted new steps hoping to get the thing back to normal, but it remained. after every futile effort i did (restarted pc, republished, saved as...), i suspected that there are BUGS whether in flash or in my pc, i did an experiment by simply creating a new layer and inserting an image in the layer, i published, and this time all the images has gone! Can i send you the corrupted flash design for better explanation? I wish to hear from you soonest as i'm very urgent rushing for a project to pass up today! Thanks in advance!