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    New wording for labeled rectangles

    brifilone Level 1

      I see there has been a change in how you speak to a labled page item but have not found any examples in Applescript only Java so at the risk of asking an already answered question....

      I wrote an Applescript at home on my laptop where I only have Adobe CS2 and want to use the same thing at work to show my boss what is possible with Applescript and it is failing at work cause we have Adobe CS5. Specifically placing a picture in InDesign.

      This works in CS2 where I am talking to a named picture box


      set picToPlace to "ARTWORK:Close Ups:05-02-04:CUA2222.tif" as alias

      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS2"


      tell document 1

      place picToPlace on rectangle "photo1"

      fit rectangle "photo1" given proportionally

      end tell

      end tell


      But at work when it gets to the {place picToPlace on rectangle "photo1"} line it stops and says something about "cannot get alias" (and gives the whole path to the file I am trying to place.)


      Have they changed the wording for placing a pic in a rectangle? in CS5?