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    Question on AsyncToken




      I have an issue with my asynctoken in trying to retrieve the content into an ArrayCollection. I want to retrieve it from the data/services to my mxml component. It does get retrieved, but all the data in the array seems to be the name of the asynctoken or the data when i try to retrieve it using the asynctoken.

      I do realise that I need the have the "getSentimentAllByBean.get(j).getContent());" in the mxml, but how do i do that?


      I can get the data through this:



          public static void main(String[] args){

              Data d = new Data();
              for(int j=0; j<d.getSentimentAllByBean().size(); j++){




      Output:  (if i have 5 content in my data)

      i like my first content bean
      i love my first content bean
      i dont know my first content bean
      i like my first content bean
      this is negative feeling.not good



      This is how i'm calling my asyncToken

      JavaTagCloud.mxml :



      private var allSentiment:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection;


      private function load(event:FlexEvent):void
           getAllSentiment.token = data.getSentimentAllByBean();


      protected function getAllSentiment_resultHandler(event:ResultEvent):void
                  allSentiment = event.result as ArrayCollection;
                  if(allSentiment != null){
                      Alert.show("result is not null");
                      Alert.show("this is allSentiment :" + allSentiment.list);
                      Alert.show("result is null");


      <mx:CallResponder id="getAllSentiment" result="getAllSentiment_resultHandler(event)" />



      Output : (in this case, if I have 5 data)

      this is allSentiment : [object TwitterContentBean],[object TwitterContentBean],[object TwitterContentBean],[object TwitterContentBean],[object TwitterContentBean]




      How am i able to have my mxml retrieve the content data, instead of the object ? ?



      Thanks (: