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    Failed to return a video frame

    ljeco Level 1

      PE7, encoding in prep for burn to DVD, every time gets to 14% and returns an error 'stating that PE7 failed to return a video frame' and cancels the process.


      Have seen one of Bill Hunt's comments about gaps, which in fact there was one. Cleaned it up but still ahve the same problem at the same point


      Can anything else (i'm sure there must be) cause this error? Corrupt file? I have still images with zoom and pan effects, maybe this (although would be strange as this program is designed to use them).


      Help appreciated!

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          nealeh Level 5

          Several things to try:

          • Check that after you deleted the first gap the timeline butted up to the previous clip.
          • Zoom right in to single frame video the point you found the gap. There is possibly another one there that you may not have noticed, or (see previous) you did not remove the whole gap.
          • Check your still image dimensions. As you are doing pan & zoom no more than 1,000x750 for standard definition, 2,000x1,500 for high definition. For details see this FAQ entry: What resolution should my photos be in Premiere Elements?


          If these do not resolve your issue post back and we'll ask more detail about your PC and clips (as described in Got a Problem? How to Get Started).


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            ljeco Level 1

            Hey there Nealah,


            Yeah thanks so much for the start! Unfortunately i was really thorough and there are definitely no gaps now. I've done a triple check at highest zoom and page down through the whole thing from home to end.


            Next, i made a trial copy and removed all still images just 'to see' what happened. Double checked for gaps (at time of removing and after through whole project). Same problem. Transcoding error 'failed to return a video frame'.


            About the files, this is not my main project shot on mini-dv, imported over firewire etc. It's a home movie shot on a Canon SX digi cam (high res), which saved the files as apple files (*.mov), downloaded and imported. Any issues with .mov's?


            Beyond that all i can think is the editing i;ve done, which really shouldn;t affect returning video frames.. unlinking audio/video and inserting narrations/soundtracks, etc etc, cross fading, simple dips to black etc. Oh i do have a few time stretches (to provide slow mo effect, with maintain pitch checked as well... but that's always been fine too...) hmmm


            Could it be possible that there is a corrupt file? It would be strange though if i can watch the whole 120 minutes in premiere without a glitch, and still ahve a corrupt file that blows the transdocing. Hmm that's all  i can think for now, over to you guys again!?

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              nealeh Level 5

              What happens if you use to 'Burn to Folder' option? If that completes then the problem is probably hardware related. Having said that PRE7 does not natively work with .mov files and you might try converting the files as described in What tools can I use to convert my video to DV-AVI? Alternatively QuickTime Pro could convert it (but you have to pay for the pro version).


              [EDIT] For AVCHD footage look here: How can I convert my AVCHD footage to more traditional HDV? ]


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              Added [EDIT] for AVCHD

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Unfortunately, PrE does not have Transparent Video (from the New Icon), like PrPro does, BUT it does have something very similar - a Title.


                As a test, create a New Title. In Titler, remove and Text, or Shapes, if there are any in the Template chosen. This will be just a Title in name only, as it will be blank. Drag that Title to a Video Track, above the existing Video Clips, positioning it at 00;00;00;00, and then Click-drag on the Tail to extend its Duration to cover all Clips, all the way to the end of the Timeline. While doing that, check for any Orphans out at the end of your Timeline. Now, attempt the Export/Share, or Burn to Folder again.


                It sure sounds that you have investigated the gaps issue, and have also removed the stills, as they can cause that, or similar errors too, if too large.


                As for the MOV files, so very much depends on what is inside the MOV "wrapper." The enclosed CODEC is all important. As Neale mentioned, QT Pro (US$29 upgrade/unlock) can convert the MOV files, and can also give you a pretty good breakdown of the properties of the MOV files, with Ctrl+J.


                Good luck, and please report how our test above goes.



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                  ljeco Level 1

                  Thanks for the great info. This is rapidly turing into a good learning process. Ended up using QT Pro to start doing some conversions for all my home cam downloads when i'm not capturing from my 3 chip.


                  Anyhow, i simply tried out saving it to folder which worked, but then PE wouldn't let me open a new project with the file (stating no compatibility????). No matter i ended up opening it in movie maker and burning it from there (with basic titles/scene menus). At least it's done now a (it was just a home holiday vid) nd i think i'll move on armed with the new knowledge i've picked up recently!


                  Thanks for your help!

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                    ljeco Level 1

                    Bill, thanks for the interesting trial using titler...

                    for the record it didn't resolve the problem (with or without the stills)... hmm. Stopped in its tracks during transcoding in prep for burn to cd (see the last post regarding saving to folder) Interested to hear what it should have done (and you've got me wondering if it's worth upgrading to pro if there are useful features that aren't available in elements...see below for some reasoning why i'm considering)


                    Anyhow, as i said, now its down and i'm moving on to a more serious project i've had in the pipleine for a while. Aweome to have a few new tidbits of info from you guys along the way! I'm sure you'll be seeing/hearing from me as i progress no doubt!


                    And have a glass for me too mate! looks good! Cheers!