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    adding proprties to remote object

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      I want to add some propeties to a data object. I get the orginal result object from my db via php/amf service, then I would like to make a arraycollection that is a copy of my remote object, to which I would like to add some new properties and values..However is does not work, it will give me fault to my remote service valueobject, where the new properties is not defined..Here is want I try:

          protected function getTestResult_resultHandler(event:ResultEvent):void
          {           var Col:Object = event.result ;
                      var a:Array =new Array();               
                      for(var item in Col){                   
                          a[item] = Col[item];
                          a.test = "2222";// this is the object I want to add
                      myArrayCollection.source = a;



      I use myArrayCollection in a datagrid..