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    Am I able to edit from a 16-channel sequence in the source monitor?


      Premiere Pro CS5


      Hi, here ist my problem:


      I am editing a narrative webseries with hundrets of footage clips in DV-PAL with Stereo-Audio. The audio is only a guide track, because there is high quality audio footage from 4 mics, so I have to sync 4 Mono-Tracks to my audio. Important for the audio-postprocution is, that in the end all audio tracks are exported in an OMF seperately and not mixed down. I learned (as an AVID user I was surprised), that premiere pro is alway mixing down on mono ore stereo, depending on what the sequence is like.


      Then I found the 16-channel sequence. I tested it with a footage clip which i dropped to the sequence, synced the 4 audio channels. Now I want to use this very sequence as my source footage in source monitor, to edit the material I want to my master-timeline, which is also 16-channel. But here is the problem. The Indicators in my master timeline are showing the routing I expected, but I cannot edit anything down from source monitor. Not by drag-n-drop, not by clicking Overlay.


      - Is it not possible to edit from a 16-channel sequence in source monitor to another sequence?


      - How exactly can i sync audio professionally without mixing down to stereo?


      Please help me. Yours, Martin