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    second AE comp, need a little help

    Keith_Clark Level 2

      so this is my second composition i have done in AE, and basically (bear with me while i try to describe the video it self), i want a letter thats basically 1/4 screen size to come in (this is a company logo splash screen) counterclockwise from off screen, the video i have is a reverse zoom. so as the letter comes in the camera is panning out. until it reaches a fixed position. i know where i want the letter to be at the 1st frame of its introduction to the sequence (overall seqeuence is 6 seconds long at 29.97 fps. the letter i will add to it come in at 2sec; 2fr and it is in full motion until 3sec; 27frm. at 3sec;28fr it is stationary until the sequence fades out at 6sec) and i know where the letter will be at at the last frame of its motion sequence. everything in between, is what i need help on.


      i COULD export the project out to PS and do it there frame by frame, but i was thinking AE could do this with motion tracking? how would i set it up to say "it starts at this frame in this position, ends at this frame in this position, and i need a fluid motion for each from in a counterclockwise sequnce from point a to point b"? i was thining of motion tracking, but doesnt that track MOTION? where as i have a still image i imposed, and need to get it to move with teh rest of the video.


      i'm going to fiddle with it still, so if i figure it out i'll just post back. but was just wondering if there was am automated way to do this.