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    Normalize Audio not working

    Geoff Vane Level 1

      Sometimes normalize audio is not working.

      Results are very unpredictable.


      I've tried all four functions of normailize audio, where the last option should be like it worked before I guess.

      Some days it works perfect, even with multiple samples.

      Most days however, I've got to keep filling in numbers in the decibel values to get the audio level to climb up.

      It takes ages to find out how much dB each sample can take before clipping.


      Please fix this function or explain what is going on.

      It drives me nuts.


      File a bug report yourself if you feel like it.

      Don't ask what I did to get this error, I just explained it all here.

      Don't tell me to go to Soundbooth or Audition.

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          davidbeisner2010 Level 3
          function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}

          Geoff Vane wrote:

          Don't tell me to go to Soundbooth or Audition.

          Glad to hear you're actually willing to receive help instead of just complain about it...


          PrPro is, first and foremost, a video editor. Doing more in-depth audio editing/mastering has never been a strong point of Premiere, and rightly shouldn't be. The professional way to do this stuff is to run your audio through an audio app and then resync your finished audio to your video. Now, 99% of what PrPro users do probably doesn't require that much in the way of major audio work, so the limited fx in PrPro work fine for us. But when we have something that requires especially good audio or requires extensive audio editing, we should always be willing to take it to a third party app that specifically does what we require.


          If all you want to do is normalize your audio, export your tracks one by one out to wav files, import them to the free open source program, Audacity, normalize and mix them down to stereo there, and then export a wav which you then resync to your video in PrPro. Or, if you want to do your mixing in PrPro, use Audacity only for normalizing. Audacity has a great normalizing plugin which works very well.


          Sorry you're unable to get the audio functionality you wanted out of a video editing program, but as a pro, I'm happy that Adobe focuses their R&D efforts on VIDEO and I'm more than happy to use a third party AUDIO app when I need more audio capability than PrPro gives me. Just like I wouldn't expect a wrench to help me drive a nail, I don't expect PrPro to give stellar audio editing, either.

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            Geoff Vane Level 1

            This is not helpful.

            Premiere has Normalize and that should work.

            It is not a function out of the Premiere boundaries.

            Normalise is a very simple function.

            It's not handy to export complete tracks, since they are made up out of fragments which need their own normalize level.


            On days that it works, you can select all fragments on one track and give them all an individual normalisation (or keep things relative) in one mouse click.


            I want that to work always in Premiere, just as it is sold by Adobe.


            Only the complex functions are done in an audio program.

            I don't want to do basic music/comment balance, center panning and voice compression in an audio program.

            All other video software can handle such basic stuff by themselves.


            There is something wrong with Premiere that needs to be fixed, or there is a mechanism working that I seem to overlook.

            Resorting to workarounds is not the way to go.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              I am lost as to what you want us, just a rag-tag bunch of users, to do for you. Maybe an Adobe engineer will stop by, read the thread, and can act on it, but that is a bit doubtful. The Bug Report is the way to get this into Adobe's To Do list, but you do not seem to want to do that. Until Todd, Jeremy, or other Adobe employees do get by the thread, there is nothing else that we can do.


              You might want to investigate what the differences are, when things work, and when they do not. Computers, and their programs, seldom just get bored and stop doing something for no reason. There must be differences.


              Good luck,



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                Bill, thanks for reminding me of the bug report link.  I, too, have a problem with normalizing seeming to act in a random fashion.  I just upgraded from CS4 to CS5, and in CS4, normalizing worked perfectly everytime and was an amazingly useful feature.  I hope this is either a fixable bug, or someone from Adobe who reads my bug report will tell me what I'm doing wrong.


                J. D.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8
                  On days that it works, you can select all fragments on one track and give them all an individual normalisation (or keep things relative) in one mouse click.


                  I've never had it work that way.  It's always been one clip at a time.

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                    Geoff Vane Level 1

                    It has always worked like that for me too, but since CS5 there are four choices.

                    So, the simple "per clip normalise" has been greatly improved, that is in the rare occassions it actually works.


                    You can select one or more clips on the sequence timeline and use 4 options to alter the sound level.

                    You also can select one or more clips on the project window and use 4 options to alter the sound level.


                    Intermezzo "How CS5 normalize works"


                    1. Set Gain To = Set gain to a specific value. Works like moving a mixer slider to a certain value.


                    >> I do not see much use for option #1 since it can cause clips to distort.

                    You have to play the entire clip to see if it does not distort into the red VU meter zone.


                    2. Adjust Gain By = Add or substract an amount of dB. Works like moving a mixer slider a certain amount of dB up or down.


                    >> I'd set all clips to the max on all tracks and then use the track slider to pull a track down if it is too loud in the mix. I'd use option #2 to further step down individual clips on the same track if they are a tad too loud compared to their neighbours. I don't use it to step up because it could introduce distortion.


                    3. Normalize Max Peak To = Let the computer adjust the level exactly to a given dB value, BUT when multiple clips are selected it will look at the loudest clip and move softer clips the same relative amount.


                    Example: Clip A = -2 and Clip B = -3 and Clip C = -5.
                    Selecting "Normalize Max Peak To" at value -1 with all three clips selected/highlighted,
                    will raise Clip A to -1 and Clip B to -2 and Clip C to -4.
                    So loudest Clip A is leading and gets 1 extra dB by the command and the other clips thus get only one extra dB too.


                    >> I'd use this to maximise an already balanced and mixed group of clips.


                    4. Normalize All Peaks To = Let the computer set each and every individual selected clip to a given dB value.


                    Example: Clip A = -2 and Clip B = -3 and Clip C = -5.
                    Selecting "Normalize All Peaks To" at value -1 with all three clips selected/highlighted,
                    will raise Clip A to -1 and Clip B to -1 and Clip C to -1.

                    So each clip gets the needed amount to put all peaks at the same level.


                    >> I always start with putting everything on  0 dB. I can hear the quality of the audio and I can now lower volume to create a mix. Lowering audio is going to give less risk of accidental distortion during the process, plus leaving all clips like they are and start mixing from there may lead to unused headroom/sample quality.


                    Sadly enough, option 4 often refuses to do it's job. I can't find the culprit.


                    I've been thinking. Since PP now can normalise clips on the Project window too, I may have had a clip selected on the project along with some on the sequence time line. This may have yielded unexpected results. Maybe the problem lies there, it's very confusing to find the cause of this problem if it is user related at all.


                    Also the "normalise master track" option gives results I don't expect.

                    Sometimes the audio mix collapses to -24 dB or so. All audio is almost gone.

                    But mostly the audiomix gets stuck at -6 or -9 dB while I want to go to the max, zero.


                    There seems to be no "undo" for the normalise master track command.

                    I don't know what to do when "normalise master track" fails.


                    There is also one error I can't deal with: Adobe Premiere Pro does not allow a volume adjustment that would raise the peak higher than 0 dB.

                    The whole idea behind a normalise command is that the software takes care of changing the audio levels.

                    How it can have to go beyond 0 dB is also beyond my abstract imagination level.

                    I don't understand what to do to avoid that error.

                    It mostly happens when I have deactivated audio on the time line that needs to stay there for future purposes.



                    I think I really looked into this normalize function but it either is not functioning correctly on my system, or I don't understand these functions yet.

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                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                      Perhaps it is a bug with the new feature.  Maybe you will need to continue with the one clip at a time approach.

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                        Geoff Vane Level 1

                        Nope, I've tried that; if multiple clips can't be processed, alas, it also fails when processing one clip.

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                          Jim_Simon Level 8

                          Ah.  That then is likely a local issue.  I haven't had any problems at all doing it one clip at a time.


                          That's both good news and bad.  Good news because it means that if you can get the feature working for one clip, it may well work for all.  Bad news because this seems to be an issue just with your machine, and I don't have any ideas about why it's not working.  Mine just works.

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                            John Bowe

                            Hi Geoff, I too have just come across this problem. I can normalise a clip initially, but if I then split that clip again and try to normailse the clips individually (ie separating an audience clapping from a speech) the normalise feature stops working, it remains on 0dB. This is clearly a fault with the sotware as previous versions of Premiere did this job perfectly.


                            Please Adobe sort this out as it's really slowing down editing.



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                              Geoff Vane Level 1

                              Thanks for sharing your info. I always get the weirdest, rarest bugs 

                              on my systems.

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                                John Bowe Level 1

                                Hi Geoff, the only way I could get my clips to normalise after this problem was to go back to the original clip, extract the exact same piece of audio, then remove the one on the timeline (that can't be normalised) and put the new piece back in it's place - I could then normalise this clip. Very long winded, if anyone has a better idea please share it.


                                Yours - John

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                                  GeoffVane Level 1

                                  "This Question is Possibly Answered" >>> Says who??


                                  We now have to transfer the audio to another department, as we can no longer offer adequate audio service with our video.

                                  Is there any information on the subject yet?

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                                    5O'ClockCharlie Level 1

                                    Greetings, Earthlings of the distant past...


                                    So two years later this is still happening.  I assume (or hope) there must be a local machine/clip/project-specific issue given the problem persists many updates later.   Curious if anyone found the culprit before I make a report.


                                    (My most recent issue involved mono and stereo files, thought I've had the problem under several different file circumstances in the past)



                                    Geoff, in general you are right.  This feature should reasonably be expected to work as intended, and is very valuable when functioning.


                                    In certain projects & workflows, and wherein only basic adjustment is needed, this is not a cheap, undisciplined shortcut... it is the superior method (when functioning) on net.

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                                      Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                      Based on what happened to John Bowe in reply #12, it's possibly a media cache problem.  Save and close your current project, then create a new one or open an existing project that doesn't use the same media as the problem project.  In the new project, go to Edit>Preferences>Media and press the Clean button.  Reopen your problem project and see if Normalization works again.


                                      If that doesn't work, then go to wherever you told Pr to store your cache files and delete them.  Pr will have to generate new .pek files and .cfa files, but that's the point of this exercise -- to hopefully force Pr to "reset" the audio data for the problem clips.  Test again to see if Normalization works.



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                                        GeoffVane Level 1

                                        Sorry to see you got the same problem 5O\'ClockCharlie. I had very frustrating times, as my boss didn't want me to upgrade.
                                        With CS6 that problem is gone, although that won't help you much.


                                        In all the years I've used Adobe, I found that when a computer in combination with Adobe causes a glitch, you're stuck with that.

                                        It will never be repaired. The only solution is a new version (and hope for the best) or an other computer.


                                        My machines can't use dynamic linking for instance.

                                        And Speedgrade is unusable.


                                        What strikes me as odd, is that newer versions of Adobe software sometimes have issues with functions that worked flawlessly in previous versions.

                                        And how some very basic requests can take years, like field shifting in Encore.


                                        Photoshop is one of the most stable working programs.

                                        Pity the interface got changed so working with multiple documents and docking the menus is now very unhandy.

                                        Speedgrade is least stable, then Encore, then After Effects and then Premiere.

                                        CS6 as a whole is somewhat more stable compared to older versions.


                                        I would like to be able to fly in an engineer to fix my configuration.

                                        That is not possible for Adobe users. I would be glad to pay for that.