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    My Documents Access in Premeire CS5


      I have just got Premeire Pro CS5 for the College that I work at, and I am currently setting it up so our students can use it.


      However, I have hit a major snag. Our Edit Suites are connected to a Media Server, and all the work is saved there. No work is saved locally at all. When choosing a place to save to, the students are supposed to choose the sever, but in the past they simply put it wherever they feel like it. This has been got around by simply changing the security priv  to the places that they have access to. This includes the My Documents folder. The students cannot save locally as they are unable to write to that folder (although thery can see it). This forces them to use the server, as there is nowhere else to save to.


      This has worked well for years on our versions of Premeire Pro 2.0. However, CS5 is causing major problems. When the My Documents folder is blocked, then Premeire has a fit and crashes. If the My Documents folder is missing it comes up with an irritaing message telling you so, and sets up a temp version.


      What on earth does CS5 need access to this folder for? It never used to need to! Is there any way around this?