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    How to include Php Files in SrcView and Release Build

    Daniel Pride

      Dumb question

      For a long time I have been manually copying any changes to my php files from the debug to the release folder manually. I know they can be linked so they do so on compile (and I am hoping also included in srcview) but never took the time to figure out what the proceedure is.

      About time I guess Suggestions?

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          What I have been doing is creating a new folder in your src maybe like "scripts" or something.  Then you can create a .php file in there and when you double click to open it should open your default .php editor.  Now when you do a release build it will include the folder "scripts" in your bin-release.


          Then do something like


          <s:HTTPService id="my_http_service" url="./scripts/script.php" result="my_http_service_resultHandler(event)" resultFormat="e4x">


          The only problem I have run into is when testing locally you will need to have a copy on a server, unless you have apache running locally.


          Hope this helps!