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    Adobe Reader - issue with forms in Win7 on 64-bit


      More exactly, I have Adobe Reader X installed on a Windows 7 on 64-bit. I need to work with a form (an online application), but opening it repeatedly calls the message

      The form cannot be used with this version of Adobe Reader. The minimum version required is 8.105.

      In the form I am working with this message appears 5 times in a row. I hit ok 5 times and move on. Further on, it reappears every time I click in the document (I try to copy things, something I've done before the 64-bit age) - this time a lot more than 5 times. And I'm exhausted...


      Because I've gone back to Adobe Reader 9 or an 8 post-8.105. I don't have the message, but still cannot copy from the document. Again, I've done this, with the very same document, before... Any ideas..? Thanks in advance