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    Adobe Reader X install on a workstation with Adobe Acrobat


      I need to deploy Adobe Reader X to all users in our org (10,000+).  However, when testing the MSI on a machine with a previous version of Adobe Acrobat installed, Adobe Reader X becomes the default PDF handler.  I have made a change to the MST using the Customzation Wizard.  I have tried entering DEFAULT_VERB=OPEN in my command line.  I have edited the MSI directly using InstallShield.  In all cases, after the install Adobe Reader X is the default PDF handler.


      This is unacceptable.  In previous versions, all that was necessary was to use the Customization Wizard and set the option to make Acrobat the default if it was installed.  The only valid option now is "Installer will decide which product will be the default."  I cannot deploy this application this way.  It makes no sense to have a user that has Acrobat installed to use Reader for opening PDF's!!!


      Please assist.