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    Converting RoboHelp 7 HTML Project to RoboHelp 9 for Word Project?

    JaredHess Level 1

      Due to complications in localization, I've been asked to evaluate authoring in doc files instead of HTMs, since the tool we use for localization (Across Server) seems to work better (or so we're told) with doc files.


      I've only authored in RoboHelp HTML with a CHM output for the last several years, so I'm unfamiliar with RH for Word. But I have used Doc-to-Help many years ago, so I'm somewhat familiar with the implications of using doc files.


      How would I go about doing this conversion? Is there some utility that does this, or is the best way to export to a printed output and then import that output into a new project?


      I'm also going to evaluate this using RH 9 since I'm considering upgrading from RH 7. I only have Word 2003.


      Thanks in advance,