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    How can you verify an attachment exists?


      On the leave request form that I'm working on, there are certain leave types that require that the form originator

      attach some sort of documentation, like a doctor's note if they are claiming sick leave.


      In my start point, I have the "Permit adding attachments" checkbox selected, and store the attachments in a process variable called "formAttachments", which is of type "document<list>".


      In my processing, I need to verify that they attached a file. I have a decision point with a conditional route that is executed if an attachment is found in "formAttachments". I've run into a problem trying to find the proper way to make this determination.


      I currrently have the expression:


      get-collection-size(/process_data/formAttachments) != 0


      I've also tried:


      getDocAttribute(/process_data/formAttachments[1],"wsfilename") > ""


      to check for the existence of a filename attribute. Neither of these works.


      Could someone please help me figure out the proper way to check for the attachment?


      Thanks much for any help.