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    How can you verify an attachment exists?

    Hunter_64 Level 1

      On the leave request form that I'm working on, there are certain leave types that require that the form originator

      attach some sort of documentation, like a doctor's note if they are claiming sick leave.


      In my start point, I have the "Permit adding attachments" checkbox selected, and store the attachments in a process variable called "formAttachments", which is of type "document<list>".


      In my processing, I need to verify that they attached a file. I have a decision point with a conditional route that is executed if an attachment is found in "formAttachments". I've run into a problem trying to find the proper way to make this determination.


      I currrently have the expression:


      get-collection-size(/process_data/formAttachments) != 0


      I've also tried:


      getDocAttribute(/process_data/formAttachments[1],"wsfilename") > ""


      to check for the existence of a filename attribute. Neither of these works.


      Could someone please help me figure out the proper way to check for the attachment?


      Thanks much for any help.