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    After Effects audio issue...(not RAM preview)


      I hope someone can help...! I'm having a nightmare getting audio to work in After effects (CS3)? I've imported my movie files and can see the audio wave displayed in the thumb nail in the project window, but when I drag the clip into the timeline there is no sound wave visible (just a straight line)... can anybody help pleaaaaase..?

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          If this footage is HDV or something like that, there's your problem.  You have to convert the footage to a different codec.  Since I'm a Mac kind of guy, I recommend Quicktime's PNG or Animation codecs.  The file size will floor you.  Deal with it.


          And don't forget to include the audio when you convert it.


          And turn off Open GL.


          And don't use multiprocessing; your machine probably can't handle it.