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    Foreground subject "jerks" against background and sound track??

    George D.D.

      I'm running into a timeline problem in CS5 that is starting to really piss me off.


      I shot some scenes with a subject in front of a blue screen, and did the background shots later; both with the same camera and same settings.  The compositing worked fine.  But:


      When I put the background in Video 1 and the blue screen scene in Video 2 it comes together "visually" fine, except for the fact that all of a sudden the foreground (blue screen subject) is jerking and strobing along, instead of moving smoothly.


      The foreground is a singer that is matched perfectly with the voice sound track, and MUST continue to run smooth visually to match up with the lip movements.  If the singer is jerking along, this match is lost, and besides it looks stupid.


      Note:  If I alter the background element at all in "effects", this seems to make the problem worse.


      What the heck is going on here?