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    losing video transitions while Dynamic linking Premiere to After Effects


      I have been using premiere pro CS5 for a few months now.

      I have recently begun to work with dynamic linking.

      I generally only need to DL to AE so that i can use it for color correcting my finished cut.

      However my problem thus far has been that after I create the dynamic link I lose all of my video transitions.

      I don't know if maybe I am linking incorrectly or if maybe there is another final step that I have over looked.


      The steps I am taking to DL are..

      I highlight my clips.

      File - Dynamic link - Replace with AE composition

      AE opens up I create the project and do my work.

      but then I am left with all of my transitions left out.

      and when i return back to premiere I am unable to put them back in.


      Can someone please give me piece of mind.

      I really would prefer not to do all of my transitions in After effects.


      thank you.