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    ComboBox w/RO DataProvider Problem

      I've got a combobox that is supposed to get filled from a RemoteObject call, but for some reason all I'm seeing is the text "[objectOperation]" in the dropdown.

      Here's the combobox:

      <mx:ComboBox width="150" id="categorySelector" labelField="CATEGORYNAME">
      <mx:dataProvider>{parentApplication.groupsService.groupsService.categoryList}</mx:dataProv ider>

      The dataprovider is built from an array that is returned from the remoteObject like such:

      categoryResult = ArrayUtil.toArray(parentApplication.groupsService.groupsService.getCategories.lastResult) ;

      for (var i:int = 0; i < categoryResult.length; ++i) {
      var catLabel:String = categoryResult .CATEGORYNAME;
      var catID:int = categoryResult
      var obj:Object = {label:catLabel, data:catID};

      I know the service is returning data properly (it is already being used in some repeaters elsewhere), and as far as I can tell the categoryComboDP collection is built properly. I've stepped through in the debugger mode as well and can't see where it is malformed.

      Any ideas?