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    How to (load, call, open) a component?


      Good Day,


      I have the following in a project.


      TestProject.mxml << main

      TestComponent_1.mxml <component with stuff ...

      TestComponent_2.mxml <component with other stuff.


      TestProject.mxml has two buttons.


      Button 1 .... should (open, display, call ... whatever) the TextComponent_1.mxml  and display it to end users.


      Button 2 ... should (open, display, call ... whatever term you want to use)  the TextComponent_2.mxml - and display it to end users.


      Ever use Microsoft Access?  In Access, you create forms. You can open these forms with a button and some simple command like "DoCmd.OpenForm" ... and presto, your form opens for the end user.  <<< this is what I want.


      And for the life of me, I've spent the better part of two days pouring through what is now over 1,000 pages of documentation - and not a hint of how to do this.


      I'm NOT interested in any 'accordion' thing ... the project calls for separate and discrete files. If Flex does not allow me to keep discrete functionality in separate mxml files - then Flex is not my tool ... We'll see.


      Please don't guess ...  This question has to be answered, or I'm going to look at JavaFX. I already know that Silverlight does this. First and last shot for Flex for me. I looked at Flex version 2 and didn't use it because of this question.


      Cheers and thank you in advance.