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    Using Flash Builder to modify Flash Catalyst (FC) project

    Mr. Kirkwood Level 1

      I imported a .fxp in to Flash Builder (FB). It asked me weher to put the new project so i made a new folder.

      I added the code for frameRate ="1" to override the FC 24 fps default.

      I saved it and exported it ot a new .fxp file

      the new .swf that runs at the speed i wanted is located in a folder called *\bin-debug.

      The exported .fxp wont open in FC anymore FC says since it has been modified it wont open.


      my question:

      how do i get the project to look like it came out of FC? the new project folder has so many sub folders and files.

      i tried renaming the folders but the project wont run then, i als owant ot be able to use AIR to package it like i do from FC.


      any suggestions?