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    Secured WS works fine in CF8, completely crashes CF9


      We are in the testing phase of a webservice client deployment with a major telecom carrier. They require the SOAP messages to be signed, which is not anything we haven't done 10 times before, and works perfectly fine on our CF8 dev server. However, on the CF9 "new prod" server (not yet in production, thankfully), this webservice invocation literally forces a JRun restart. The error thrown is


      java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.xpath.compiler.FunctionTable.installFunction(Ljava/lang/String;Lorg/apache/xpa th/Expression;)I
          at org.apache.xml.security.Init.registerHereFunction(Init.java:417)
          at org.apache.xml.security.Init.init(Init.java:124)


      The error occurs in the Axis layer when running a handler. Both servers are running CF Enterprise standalone. The working one is 32-bit Win2K and the new one is 64-bit Win2008. Old server is CF 8.0.1, new server is CF 9.0.1, both current on hotfixes. I am at my wits end, appreciate any help you can offer.