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    Motion Tracking Jitter Problem


      Using CS3, I am basically trying to replace facial features on individuals in some footage that I have. (replacing mouths, eyes, etc) I have been through numerous tutorials on motion tracking and have it down pretty well. I am tracking motion for both position and rotation, and the motion trackers are pretty dead on. However, after I apply the motion tracking and attempt to to pick whip other layers to this (I have tried numerous ways, nulls, directly to the tracked footage layer, etc...) it is very jittery, it follows the motion trackers just fine, but is very jittery...

      I have found a few other with this problem, but no solutions were found. The only solution that I found was a suggestion to Average the null with a long expression that I had no idea how it worked. It there a quick fix for this? My whole 3 minute video is relying on motion tracking and parenting layers to the original footage... PLEASE HELP

      also, would Mocha be worth getting, would it solve this issue?