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    Blu-ray Writer?


      I have seen a lot of advice on what computer parts to buy. Here is my question.


      Which Blu-ray Writer works really well.


      Please give advice on your Blu-ray experiences.


      I would like to move to HD Output.




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          wonderspark Level 1

          I have an internal LG 10x Blu-ray burner in my 2009 Mac Pro, which I bought online from OWC (part no. LGEWH10LS30KMP) and it works perfectly. It has LightScribe, which I haven't used yet, but I've burned many BD-R discs without a single error or problem. I've been exporting copies of a feature film I worked on, and final output is 105 minutes, 1920x1080/24p Blu-ray, using Adobe Encore.


          Not sure if you have a PC or a Mac, but here's a link to OWC:


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            Pyramid Pyro Level 1

            I'll second what WonderSpark said about the LGs, and add that Verbatim discs round out the combo.


            Haven't gone wrong with that combo yet.  I'm using a PC:  Premiere Pro > AME > Encore > IMG file > disc


            Best of luck,



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              wonderspark Level 1

              Yes, I only, ONLY use Verbatim discs. I've had errors on other media such as Memorex, and others I can't recall, but never a problem on Verbatim. It has to do with the dyes and manufacturing used. I've also had good luck with Phillips burn media that a client provided, but I told him to buy Verbatim in the future. You'd think I get paid by them or something, but I just love their product, hahaha.

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                poppabear69 Level 1

                I also have had good luck with my LG BluRay burner.


                I have heard bad stories about Memores (disks go bad after 6 months).


                So far, I have had good luck with Kodak ink jet printable BD-R.  I haven't had a bad burn and they are still good after 6 months.