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    "The FXP Project is Invalid and Cannot Be Opened"




      I was working on a project when FC started really slowing down. I saved my file and then restarted FC and when I tried to repoen it I got this warning: "The FXP Project is Invalid and Cannot Be Opened". I'd be more than happy to email the .fxp file to anyone that can help, it'd be great if someone could help me figure this out soon!




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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Were you working in Flash Catalyst 1.0 or the Panini release? I am not on the team, so there is nothing directly I can do, but that might help some id the issue. Hopefully, some one on the team might be able to take a look. Do you have Flash Builder installed? If you have you tried opening a copy of the file in it?


          There is a chance your best bet would be to start over. You might want to create a backup system for you progress, just in case.


          Good luck,




          PS: I have had this happen once, and it sucked.

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            BSeifert91 Level 1

            I was working with Flash Catalyst 1.0 I believe; whichever comes with CS5. And I do not have Flash Builder installed but as I was browsing other threads related to this topic I noticed people were advising others to take the file into Flash Builder and locate and eliminate the flawed code, so I downloaded the Flash Builder trial only I know absolutely nothing about coding, let alone what the flawed code would look like.


            And I hope I don't have to start over, I've put a lot of time in to this project...