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    Search for tasks that belong to running process instances

    hkho Level 1

      Hi, I am trying to search for tasks that belong to running process instance by using the follwoing code:


           ServiceClientFactory myFactory = ServiceClientFactory.createInstance(connectionProps);
           TaskManagerQueryService queryManager = TaskManagerClientFactory.getQueryManager(myFactory);

           TaskSearchFilter filter = new TaskSearchFilter();
           filter.addCondition(TaskSearchingConstants.pPROCESS_INSTANCE_STATUS, Operator.EQUALS, JobStatus.JOB_STATUS_RUNNING);


           List<TaskRow> result = queryManager.taskSearch(filter);


      It returns no results while I search it via adminui I found a few running process instance. I tried to comment out the line addCondition, then it returns all tasks, and I found that when I retrieve the taskinfo by taskinfo.getProcessInstanceStatus(), it return -1 for all tasks.


      My question is how can I set the condition to search the tasks belong to running process instance? Thanks.