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    Livecycle eating my server space


      Hi all,


      I don't know where do I post this topice, since I am very much using the PDF generator I placed this topic here.

      We have installed our livecycle server in windows 2008.


      There were no other software installed in that server.


      The problem here is our server space getting washed out in just 2 days, the provided 93GB for Livecycle, this was getting washed out in just 2days.


      I don't know what's happening.


      Every 2 days I am deleting some of the files from the below path.




      Is this the way of any workaround is there to control this, I don't want any backup from livecycle.


      Since I am just using CommentEnable and PS_2_PDF.



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          Hodmi Level 4

          As a matter of course, Adobe doesn't recommend manual deletion of the files in the Global Document Store (GDS).  As these are temporary documents, LiveCycle should be clearing out files in the GDS based on the settings in the Core Configurations (using adminui: Home > Settings > Core System > Core Configurations).




          LiveCycle won't tag files in the GDS for removal until they are no longer being used.  So if you are calling Generator as part of a long lived process, and that process has not terminiated (for example due to a stalled operation), then the files will not be removed.