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    button problem


      I just started out learning FlashCatalyst, am using Photoshop layers, what I want is when a thumbnail has a mouse over it, the larger picture appears, been trying all sorts of layers with Photoshop, but the other layers just won't appear when I have this OVER in the PAGES / STATES.  Please help

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          It can get a bit confusing understanding how things can be linked. If I understand what you tried to do was you took the thumbnail and turned it into a button component. You then went to the button's over state and tried to make the larger image appear there. In short, when you turned the thumbnail into a button, you created a self contained element that know nothing about the other parts of your project.


          Here is one solution to what you are trying to do (I have attached a sample to look at).


          Place the larger image on the artboard

          Place the thumbnail on the artboard

          Convert the thumbnail into a button

          With the button selected, use the Interactions Panel to add an "On Roll Over" interaction, you will want to then pick the Play Action Sequence.

          Now we need to create the Action Sequence that will fade in the larger image. Don't worry that the larger image is currently visible, we will solve that at the end.

          In the Timelines panel (along the bottom), you should see 'Button On Roll Over' under the Action Sequences header. Select it from the list.

          Now select the large image on the artboard (this is why we kept it visible)

          Now with the image you want to display still selected, click the Add Action button in the Timelines panel.

          Then pick the action you want. My guess is you might want the Fade Action.

          Since the initial state is still visible, go to the Properties panel and make sure the Opacity settings are 0 for the start and 100 for the end.

          Repeat this process of the Roll Out interaction (with opacity from 100 to 0).

          The final step is to set the initial opacity to 0 in the properties panel.


          Hope this helps,


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            I've been having a button problem as well. Its different from the original poster's problem.  I have it set so that when you click on a portion of a map it zooms into it, and you can click back to zoom out etc.  Sometimes when the buttons are pushed they simply don't respond.  The rollover they respond but it won't play the transition to a new state.  Why is this it and is there a way to fix it?  Its a finnicky problem as it doesn't occur everytime.  The map that is being zoomed in/out of is somewhat of a large vector, would that be contributing factor?  Thanks!