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    Few question about memory, cpu, ssd, graphics...


      Hello, i am looking forward to buy the new CS5 Designer collection and some new hardware to work with. I didnt decide for a workstation sync i am a gaming fan too. I ordered this components: i7 950, ASUS P6T SE, 6GB OCZ BLADE, ssd OCZ RevoDrive 120gb and ASUS 570 gtx.


      I mostly work with Illustrator, Photoshop and sometimes InDesign (cs2 atm), doing whole business graphics (logos, cards...), catalogues, drawing and illustrating... etc.


      The questions are:


      1. Altho it is not a workstation, can i expect good performance and fast reaction sync using a SSD drive for operation system and ADOBE installments?

      2. Is 6gb of ram enough for working ( with catalogue, large drawings in photoshop etc or many objects in illustrator...) or should i get 12gb?

      3. i suppose 570 gtx is supported in the CS5 right?

      4. What differences can i expect against a workstation?


      Thank you for your time.