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    MenuBar with PHP

    z.cristiano Level 1


      I want to create a MenuBar read from PHP...


      I have write this but it isn't work


      <mx:MenuBar x="10" y="399" itemClick="loadFiles(event)" id="myMenuBar"/>

      <mx:XMLListCollection id="menuData" source="{menu_verify.lastResult.menuitem}">





      <mx:HTTPService id="menu_verify" showBusyCursor="false" method="POST" url="programs/menu.php" useProxy="false"/>


      on file PHP (menu.php) I have write




      <menuitem label=\"MenuItem A\">

      <menuitem label=\"SubMenuItem A-1\" enabled=\"false\"/>

      <menuitem label=\"SubMenuItem A-2\"/>





      Is not work, What and which one have I mistaken?