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    Non breaking spaces in pdf


      I have a client that uses a software the outputs reports to pdfs.  We have discovered an interesting anomoly in the search/find functionality in Adobe Reader.  There is verbiage in the pdf "2117 Lemontree Way".  If I search for 2117 or Lemon or Lemontree or Way it finds the location.  If I try 2117 Lemon or any other combination of more than one word the search fails.  Through research and lots of questions if have been able to find out that the software replaces spaces with non-breaking spaces during the creation of the pdf.  Evidently Adobe Reader does not corralate a non-breaking space with a space for search purposes (other reader products do).  Having said that, is there any way to find "2117 Lemontree" in a pdf when the space between the words is not a space, but a non-breaking space?


      Thanks for your time.