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    DNG Profile Editor running on Vista x64 - problem with RGB readings.

    Dinarius Level 1

      Anyone running the DNG Profile Editor on Vista x64 bit?


      Noticed the following............?


      1. With the Color Tables tab chosen, click somewhere on the open file using the eyedropper tool. Where you clicked now appears as a small circle in the color wheel and in the column next to it.


      2. Note the RGB reading for where you clicked (or the Lab or HSL reading - it doesn't matter)


      3. Now either drag the small circle in the colour wheel, or move one of the sliders.


      4. The image file visibly alters and an arrow appears in the colour wheel in the direction of the change.


      5. But, does your RGB reading change too? Not on my machine it doesn't. It stays exactly the same.



      I've tried this using an image of a Gretag CC and clicking on the blue patch. I drag  the Hue slider all the way to the right so that the patch turns purple. But, the RGB value remains unchanged. As do the Lab and HSL values.