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    TreeItemRenderer composite component Checkbox + QTP issue




      I have custom TreeItemRenderer which has 2 composite elements

           1. Image

           2. CheckBox with label


      I have overriden numAutomationChildren getter, getAutomationChildAt method and also provided automationName property for the checkbox and the

      showInAutomationHierarchy property to true as per description in Flex Automation techniques DEV guide.


      But when I try to use QTP to detect the checkbox object it recognizes the whole row as a label. Hence it is not possible to click the ckeckbox using QTP script. This is creating issues in automating my Flex application.


      Flex SDK - 4.5.x used

      QTP - 9.5 used


      Could some please suggest what I am missing as it doesnt seems to me as a custom component.

      Do I need to create the delegate class for the same?