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    Autoinstall of PDFViewer plugin not appreciated


      I'm on Mac OSX and prefer the Safari PDF experience over the AdobePDFViewer.plugin experience.  I had installed Adobe Digital Editions and it AUTOMATICALLY installed the PDF Viewer plugin - WITHOUT EVEN ASKING if I wanted it.  I manually removed it and all was well, UNTIL I updated Adobe Reader from 9.4.1 to 9.4.2 - the updater REINSTALLED the plugin, again, WITHOUT ASKING. 


      This is NOT the appropriate way to do an install - INFORM your customers of what you're installing and allow the CUSTOMER to make the CHOICE of what they WANT installed - don't just blindly tell them you'll install whatever the heck you want to install.  I'm seriously considering removing all Adobe products from my machine because I'm not comfortable that updaters won't install additional unwanted software.  The only reason I have Reader is to fill out forms and I'm sure I can find an alternative.