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    AIR application breaks session in Safari


      Hello everybody,

      I have found strange behaviour of WebKit (I suppose). Following problem I observe under MacOS:

      1. Open Safari and establish connection to a site using login/password (let say: USER1) to keep the session (eg. Delicious.com)
      2. Open AIR and establish connection with the same site but with different login/password (let say: USER2)
      3. Back to the Safari - the session of USER1 is broken by session of USER2!


      I suspect WebKit (which is used both in the Safari and AIR) shares the session in the same way like tabs in the same browser. What shall I set to avoid the problem. I want to have treated session established by AIR application as a separate one, without interfering with Safari... Can I instantiane "another" WebKit for my AIR application? Have you any idea?


      Thanks in Advance!