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    Load .swf file that loads youtube video


      I'm working on redesigning my organization's website.  The website has a lot of video filmed of sites in different places in the US.


      The concept for the website is have the main page be a big interactive map (designed in Flash catalyst) that allows the user, when they click on an area, to view that video.  I would like to have the video loaded from youtube and played on the website in the youtube player (not navigate the user to youtube.com).


      My problem is creating a feature in flash catalyst to load video in from youtube and play it.  You can't do that in catalyst but it can be done in flash (it seems like deep flash magic though).  Would it be possible, in Flash, to create an .swf file that does that, then import that swf into catalyst and have it work? For example, I was thinking of having the area the user clicks on have an interaction to play swf.  I would also then need a way to for the user to close out that swf.


      Anyways, is working something like that out possible in Flash catalyst?  If possible, would that general process described above work or would I need to rethink how I do something?