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    Drive letters


      I recently purchased a new computer and the drive letter that I previously used for my

      external hard drive (this is where all of my photos are stored concerning Lightroom) is used by my internal DVD.  How do I change the drive letter for my external hard drive within Lightroom so that Lightroom will find the photos and display them without doing it folder by folder?


      I am using Lightroom 2.7

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          Pete Marshall Level 4

          In windows, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Disk Management...then right click on the relevant disk, select change Drive Letter and paths. Then allocate a permanent drive letter to the drive, you may also want to label the drive with a name that has meaning so you know which drives are which. This should prevent windows randomly allocating drive letters to the same external drive every time it is plugged in.


          In Lightroom you just right click on the highest level folder and select relocate folder. Find the folder at its new location and LR will update.

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            wolv1976 Level 1

            Thank you but I am seeking a way to keep my external hard drive at letter G and change Lightroom so that it will read the photos from drive G instead of drive E.  And do this without relocating each folder one at a time.

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              F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If I get you correct, than all you need to do is to re-locate the images. If you point LR to the new location of the topmost folder, it will automagically update all folders down the tree.

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                wolv1976 Level 1

                For some reason it is not bringing in the rest of the photos I am having to relocate each folder right now but with several thousand folders this is going to take forever.  still looking for a faster way.

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                  cfransw Level 4

                  You can do that by using the method of Pete described here above.

                  First change the existing "G" driveletter to "Z" or whatever you want that is free.(no problem because it's your dvd)

                  Then connect your ext harddisk. It will get the first free letter on your computer.

                  If that's not "G" then change it to "G" .

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                    Pete Marshall Level 4

                    This is what you should see, as long as all your folders are placed under one folder (in my case the folder called original files). If your topmost folder isn't showing in folder view you may have to show it, to do that right click on the showing folder and select show parent folder. If you haven't placed your imports under a parent folder then you have problems and will have to either update locations indivdually or change the drive letter in the OS.