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    hiding busy cursor during polling




      I have a small flex/flash application which retieves an update every 1000 ms/ 1 second. The flash code has a timer which upon expiry calls an Adapter method and displays the result to the screen.


      The sequence of events is:

      1. In the window a timer is started for 1000 ms.

      2. Upon expiry of the timer an adapter method is called to get the time string

      3. The adapter method returns the time stamp which is displayed to the window

      4. The timer is restarted


      I have tried including the method call, CursorManager.removeBusyCursor()

      But the busy cursor still appears when the adapter method is called and receiving a response.


      Do I have to remove the busy cursor entirely for this to work? If so, how is that done?

      I have found the command: CursorManager.RemoveCursor()

      But what is the cursor ID for the busy cursor?

      Do I call it AFTER I call the adapter method?

      Many thanks,