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    Create a new solid layer above the current selection

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      I have seen people ask how to create a new solid layer above the currently selected layer over the years, so I thought I would just pass this on.  While working on previous projects I would shy layers to limit the movement of new solid layers, but with the completion of a recent project that had over a couple hundred layers it was too much of a hassle.  Therefore, I downloaded the script "Create Trimmed Adjustment Layer" from AE scripts and modified it to create two variations.  One variation will create a trimmed new solid above the currently selected and the other will create a new solid the length of the comp above the currently selected.  Not really rocket science, but very useful.  I use rd_ScriptLauncher so my new layer options are just a click away.  The script is easy to modify and it can be changed to create some other variations of new layers within a comp as well.