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    FlowElement scroll position

    danielmacias13 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have a RichEditableText inside a Scroller.  I want to find a certain string within the RichEditableText and scroll down to it using scroller.verticalScrollPosition.  I have no problem traversing through elements and finding the string, but once I find appropriate FlowElement I can't find a property that will get me its Y position so I can scroll to it.  TLF is pretty vast, so can someone help me out with this; it's driving me crazy!


      Here's the function that finds the string.  Once found, I don't know how to scroll...


      private function onListChange(event:IndexChangeEvent):void{

           var selectedItem:TableOfContentsItem = tableOfContents.selectedItem;

           var currentParagraph:ParagraphElement = contentText.textFlow.getChildAt(0) as ParagraphElement;



                if (currentParagraph.getText() == selectedItem.name){   //selectedItem.name is the search string

                     contentText.verticalScrollPosition = currentParagraph;  //currentParagraph property!?!?



           }while (currentParagraph = currentParagraph.getNextParagraph());