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    how to create a master form with selectable/insertable subforms?


      I have created a general information form for business services we offer, at the bottom of the form I have made several check boxes so that the person who fills out the form with all of the general information can then select the service they want to sign up for-

      Is there a way to make my form open the specific subform for the services that are selected?

      for instance-


      They fill out their name, address etc and then select the check box for services they want- ideally i would like adobe to know that there is another form associated with that check box and then add that form onto the bottom of the general information form so that the customer can then complete the order form for that service instead of having to go back and request the specific form for that service that they selected on the general information form.


      I am not sure how to put this clearly??




      Please select the services you desire from the items below

      (Check box) Toll Free
      (Check box) SIP Interop
      (Check box) Hosted IP


      Say they selected toll free and sip interop from the list, is there a way to make adobe know that it then needs to open those 2 separate forms so the person can complete them?