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    FW CS5 for Mac, anyone else notices strange behavior?

    mraak Level 1

      It's like completely broken. I work with trackpad not mouse, but some problems aren't related to this.


      Single Click object does not do anything, double click selects it. Sometimes double click launches select tool. Clicking with text tool on stage does not do anything. I have to drag the text tool to create a box then I can type. Text caret movement is invisible, so when I go left and right with arrows I don't see where the caret is.  Deselecting is equally difficult as selecting an object, sometimes it works with double click outside object, sometimes this launches a text tool, most of the time it doesn't do anything. So I deselect with Cmd+Shift+A. Saving of the file takes a long time and makes the screen go grey for a while. All in all it's such a weirdness as it would be done by some amateur developers somewhere in third world with no internet connection, and no Macs to test on.


      This was purchased as part of CS5 Web Premium and other applications work fine. Any ideas?