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    Proxy Editing with Prel 9 and Clipmate


      First of all thanks to the forum moderators and contributors. I really appreciate your work here.


      I have had my same old pc since 2006. Back then it was very fast and I was able to edit DV AVI's with Premiere Elements 2. However this old computer (Pentium D 2.8GHz. WinXP) is not really adequate for HD editing.

      Last year I bought an HD Camera (Panasonic TM-700) which I love, but I ended up editing my clips in Standard Def until now that I have installed Photoshop/Premiere Elements 9.

      By searching on this and other forums I was able to find a way to edit my video clips using the Proxy method and I wanted to share that here in case it may help someone else. I know in this day most people probably already have a newer and more capable pc, but for those of us who don't and have version 9 this may work as it worked for me. I have only done two little projects this way so I can't say that it's bulletproof.



      Here is my process:


      Before you start, you will need to have the following programs installed in your computer:

      * Premiere elements 9.

      * Video conversion program (I use WinFF, it's free)

      * Clipmate (Shareware, around 35 USD to purchase at this time)


      1. Move clips from the Camera to the PC.
        I use the Camera's manufacturer software for this. (Panasonic HDWriter 2.0)
      2. Make Standard Def copies from the Clips. I just put them in the same directory as they will have a different extension.
        I used WinFF for this conversion and converted to a low quality Mpg file.
      3. Create a new Premiere Elements Project using a project preset that matches the standard def video files.
        At first I tried using the avchd profile in hopes that I could just replace the files later, but not having the correct project preset caused me problems in the application. Like slow performance and videos not showing well in the monitor.
      4. Add your standard def video files and edit them. If you have the correct project profile and small video files the editing should be very responsive. When you are done save your project.
      5. Make sure that clipmate is up and running and Copy the timeline to the clipboard.
      6. Create a new Project using a project preset for the original HD video files.
      7. Paste the timeline to this new project. In a pc like mine it took a while to paste.
      8. Save and close the project.
      9. Open the .prel file of the HD project using a text editor like notepad (Notepad is very slow with big files, but it works).
      10. Do a "Replace All" and change the video files' extension from .mpg or .avi (whatever you used for the standard def files) to the original file's extension (like .m2ts or whatever was your source).
      11. Save the Project text file (.prel) and close it.
      12. Open the HD Project and Save it. From here you can go to "Share" and make an HD Video file.


      Using this proces doesn't make your computer any faster, so things like Rendering will still take ages to complete. You may need to leave it running overnight for rendering, exporting, sharing, etc.


      Here are the forum entries that lead me to this process:


      Premiere Elements FAQ

      How can I "proxy edit:" a high-definition project?


      I really wanted this to work for me, but we don't have an option to change and save a project preset in version 9.


      Premiere Elements Tips & Tricks

      Real proxy editing - a new (?) method


      This kind of worked for me, but not having the correct project preset caused some issues that made it very hard to edit

      even in standard definition.



      ClipMate Premiere Elements Copying Between Projects


      This post was like a revelation to me! Not only this allowed me to do proxy editing using correct presets, but also let me

      update an old project I had made in version 2 in SD to Version 9 in HD.


      I will eventually get a new PC, but for now at least I have a way to do my family videos.

      I'm a happy man.