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    stop video "roll out action" ??

    Van Garmon Level 1



      I have a project where a user could view 19 different flvs. I have a specific state designed to be a screensaver state. I insert proper idle code through Flash Builder. When the project runs it runs great. However there is a little bug I am trying to fix.


      I need to figure out a way to have any video that is playing before the program moves to the screensaver state; to stop. I have accomplished this by applying an interaction in my screensaver state. That state has an swf. I have applied a "On roll over; Stop Video, when in anystate."


      Basicly the program runs and when the idel time is reached program moves to the screensaver state. Now when the user touches the monitor the program will automaticly go to the main part. If the viewer happens to go back to the same video that was playing before the screensaver went active the video starts from the begining. This is good.


      The 18 other flvs that have the same interaction are not performing this way. Just the first interaction that is on the swf in my screensaver state.


      We can put multiple interactions on one item but will catalyst not follow them and only follow the first interaction? After testing this seems to be the case.


      I need some help here.


      Thank you in advance.


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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Since you have to add the idle code, you could look at adding some video code.


          There are two methods/properties in the VideoPlayer that might help:

          autoRewind = true. A Boolean value that, if true, causes the FLV file to rewind to Frame 1 when play stops, either because the player reached the end of the stream or the stop() method was called.




          call the seek method to force a rewind.


          Maybe these could be set on the other videos on exiting the idle?



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            Van Garmon Level 1



            Very helpful with the idea of force end or force to frame 1 on the flv.


            I think I discovered a way to stop the videos in the Catalyst project. Since the screensaver state is only going to execute the first interaction I will skip that idea.


            I worked through it last night and I can put a stop video interaction when the user touches button that will take them to a specific location. I can then insert a video play with the video player as it fades in when the viewer is transitioning into that location.


            Basicaly the viewer stops (without even knowing it) the flv for that location when choosing that location. When that selected location is loading up the timeline will run across my play video as the video player is fading in.


            I have tested this with one location and it works. If it did not then I would have to use some "force" code later in FB.


            Thanks for the idea. I will keep it in mind!