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    Browsing the Marketplace is no fun

    owik Level 1

      Hi, today was the first time I gave this place a visit. And sorry, I like the idea, but my humble feeling is, that it's just too slow. What I mean is the average loading time of a webpage here: One click and it takes around 9 sec to load! I am an Air developer myself, but I think that if I was a potential "customer", who wants to find an appropriate app for him/herself, I would like to kind of "jump" between the app descriptions. And unfortunately I can't.


      I believe today it mostly goes like this: I click on a this-app-icon-looks-promising-link, wait until the description comes up. After reading two or three lines I find out that this is not what I am looking for, go back and try another one. And I think that I'd do this for a few times without hesitation, if ... well ... I knew that the next description appears within a short time, as I'm used to it from my daily experience on other websites. But instead I know that I would have to wait for another 9 seconds, which makes me DO hesitate and finally leave the Marketplace without any satisfying result. This is just no fun at all. I mean common, people want to compare features, screenshots and eventually prices. Is this because I'm in Europe? Or is it a Coldfusion problem? Can't you do anything about it?